Rouge Royal Elite

Fragance Pyramid

Particular care has been taken in the selection of raw materials to create this new olfactory jewel.
The finest scents, Rose Centifolia, Mysore Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang from Madagascar, Indonesian Patchouli.
In this new version of Rouge Royal, the Princess kept the original fruity, floral scent, for a much more intense, powerful and sensual fragrance. A truly rare Perfume.


As a hymn to love, Rouge Royal ELITE is an elixir for elegant, refined and sophisticated modern women.
A symbol of femininity, Rouge Royal ELITE gives a woman inner peace.
This very Niche Perfume has been created for the ELITE women of the world with a new intense fragrance by Parfums Marina de Bourbon in a unique golden bottle and refined packaging that reveal the intensity of its fragrance.